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Crows Nest Caravan Park
North Yorkshire
YO14 9PS

Tel: 01723 582206

Robin Hood Caravan Park
YO62 4AP

Tel: 01653 628391

Jasmine Park
Cross Lane, Snainton
North Yorkshire
YO13 9BE

Tel: 01723 859240


You will have lots of questions about purchasing a static caravan. Frequently asked questions can be found below however, if your question isn't answered here please do not hestitate to contact us.


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When are the caravan parks open?

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Can I visit my caravan when the park is closed?

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Do you have an age limit for caravans on your parks?

We do not have an age limit on our parks. We control the ages of caravans on site in two ways:

1. We do not usually sell anything older than 5 years old to begin with. This means you will always be buying a relatively new caravan. As long as the caravan is kept in good condition i.e. not an eyesore, then it can stay on the park.

2. We do not allow privates sales. In future years should you wish to part exchange your caravan, or give up caravanning completely, then we will buy the caravan from you. We use the Glasses Guide Book to find the market value of the caravan. Should you sell the caravan privately for any reason, then it must leave the park.

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If I decide to upgrade my caravan can I part-exchange it for a newer one?

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What happens when I decide to sell my caravan?

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Which areas around the caravan are for my use?

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Can i improve the areas around my caravan?

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Do you allow dogs on the park?


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What is included in the purchase price of the caravan?

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Can I sub-let my caravan?

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What are the annual running costs?

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Do you offer a finance scheme?

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